Do You Know Which Strains Contain Maximum CBD?

Do You Know Which Strains Contain Maximum CBD?

Nowadays, many companies are engaged in supplying their various CBD products. Few companies are also growing their own organic CBD buds. As a result, the potency of CBD will be much higher too.

Let us therefore discuss about few CBD products sold in the market and try to know the extent of CBD available in each of them.

  1. Fuji CBD Hemp Flower

This product usually contains 22.9% CBD, and that is above the threshold limit of 20%. It is fully lab tested organic product and this strain contain total cannabinoid of 24.1%.

Indica or Sativa variety of this product is able to produce the exact amount of uplifting effects that you can expect from them. Whenever you would like to boost your energy then you can use vape cartridge of this strain.

Its appearance is bright green having yellow border in few places. You can easily break them into smaller pieces by grinding.

Unique terpenes in this product come together for creating delicious tropical flavor which reminds you of pineapple, mangoes, and few other fresh fruits.  

  1. Rainbow CBD Hemp Flower

This product contains 22.3% CBD and is considered as hardest hitter. This is 100% organic product grown indoor and its lab tested strain usually contains 24.2% cannabinoids.

It is hybrid strain and therefore offers a balanced effect, as it is neither fully Indica and nor completely Sativa. You can use it either in day or night as you like to enjoy them.

Its buds are quite dense which is Indica dominant and extend into frosty tips like well-grown Sativa buds.

This strain has hazy overtones, which blend into fresh-baked cookies and candy aroma.

Customers also consider Mr. Rainbow as top-quality product.

  1. Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower

Space Candy contains CBD of 20.62%, and qualifies as member of 20%+ club. Having 22.17% cannabinoids, unique strain of this tasty one deserves spot in every stash of connoisseur.

Space Candy is considered as sativa strain, that means the flavonoids, terpenes, and all other compounds produce an energizing and uplifting effect. For any fun outdoor activities, this high-potency sativa can be perfect.

The appearance of this strain is unique and stands out from all others. The typical light-green sativa has beautiful, purplish areas which blend together under thick blanket of shimmering and potent crystals.

When you will vape or smoke, you will get candy like flavor and liked by customers too.

  1. Sour Gummi CBD Hemp Flower

Sour Gummi contains 21.4% CBD in its frosty green colored buds, and total cannabinoids of this strain is 22.51%. You can also get third-party lab test report for this indoor-grown, organic bud.

Sour Gummi is again another hybrid strain, and you can therefore enjoy this hemp cultivar during any time without getting too sleepy or energized.

The strain of this bud is dense, jade green having multiple layers of geometry, and features a healthy golden-orange hairs ratio across its surface. Its buds are frosty however, they appear almost white.

Sour Gummi has dominant citrus aroma, which blends into a piney undertone. Customers like its wonderful smell.