Madden NFL 21 – March Update Comes With Improvements On All Systems

Madden NFL 21 – March Update Comes With Improvements On All Systems

The Madden NFL 21 March Update brings several gameplay changes and Franchise updates for the game version on all available platforms.

Madden NFL 21 just had a March update

 The game was updated for all available systems. The gameplay updates include various issue fixes. Quarterbacks will not freeze anymore after they do a flip gun split close action play. This occurred when the players with this position were hot routing the halfback.

 Another quarterback issue fix takes care of these players doing the walk to line animation before the play two times. The animation that showed them taking place in the formation played twice. It wasn’t a game-breaking issue but it was annoying nevertheless. Players on the Pro Bowl selection will now be able to equip all their abilities as they should. The wrong path that occurred in the gun tight doubles zig under play was fixed. Receivers doing a zig path sometimes ran to the line. This was not right as they were supposed to break out. The players will now behave correctly.

The issue that prevented hit sticks from tracking correctly was fixed. This happened for abilities that used the hit stick accumulation when the “in the zone rule” was in place. The user interface for Madden Ultimate Team received various fixes. These changes apply to current-gen consoles. The Franchise mode had a significant update. New features were added. League history was introduced in this mode. The backlash ability was sometimes called pass lead elite. It was incorrect so it was fixed. Lumen Field is now the name of the Seahawks stadium. This will occur for new franchises. The trade logic and player value mechanics will work better after the update. The Franchise updates also apply to last-gen consoles.

These changes apply to NFL 21 on last-gen consoles, PC, and Stadia.

Let’s review the gameplay updates. Rushers controlled by the computer were able to block punts when they were in the five-yard line. To take care of this, the developers did some changes to the rusher’s logic. The computer performed impeccable timing with the dive. It didn’t consider the exact situation so it didn’t behave as expected. The other updates are the same as the ones for current-gen consoles. The game will update automatically so you don’t need to do anything. Just make sure you have an active internet connection and let it do the work. After the update, you will be able to enjoy a better game experience.

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